5 Types of Window Curtains

5 Types of Window Curtains You Need to Know

InteriorPhotography.us – Although less attention is paid, window curtains have an important role at home. In addition to beautifying the room, curtains or blinds also block sunlight and provide the privacy you need. Window curtains are divided into several types with different functions, so you need to choose according to your needs. The following are 5 types of window curtains with functions you need to know.

Room darkening window curtains

Room darkening window curtains

When you want a quiet downtime undisturbed by the sun or peeking outside, room darkening window curtains are the way to go. Window curtains that darken the room keep most of the light out and provide privacy both day and night by blocking outside views.

Apart from blocking sunlight, room darkening window curtains can also minimize the flow of cold air and hot air from outside. You can place room darkening window curtains in the bedroom so that the atmosphere in the room feels more comfortable to rest. Combine the use of room darkening curtains with sheer vibrancy. So when you want to open the room darkening curtains there are still sheer curtains or sheer curtains to protect your privacy.

Sheer window curtains or sheer curtains

Sheer window curtains or sheer curtains

While room darkening curtains are used to block out the sun at all, sheer window curtains allow you to enjoy the sun but still get the privacy you need. So you can still bring the outside into your home while blocking views from the outside in. Vitrases tend to be used as lining curtains combined with room darkening curtains. Usually in the morning and afternoon, people would open their room darkening curtains and leave their vitrases closed.

Sheer window curtains or curtains have a lightweight material and are usually made of nylon, polyester, silk, or synthetic fabrics. Because the material is indeed thin, you need to be careful when washing vitrases so it doesn’t tear. Apart from being a window curtain, sheer curtains are also very suitable to be used as a mosquito net for your bed.

Folding window blinds

Folding window blinds

If you want a simple curtain model, folding window curtains can be an option. You can use folding curtains on small or large windows. There is a handle or string that can be pulled at the bottom of the curtain to open and close the folding curtain. The advantage of folding window curtains is that they are easy to install, without even having to use a drill.

Folding window blinds are also divided into several types: transparent, semi-transparent and blackout. For types of transparent and semi-transparent folding window curtains, they can reduce the intensity of incoming light while keeping your room bright. As for blackout blinds, they will block the sun so the room will be dark – perfect if you want to rest during the day. But whether it’s transparent, semi-transparent or blackout, pleated curtains can provide the privacy you need.

Roll up window blinds

Roll up window blinds

Roll window curtains are almost similar to folding window curtains, but the difference is that these curtains are shaped like a roll. Roll curtains or commonly called roller blinds are also opened and closed using a handle or rope that is at the bottom of the curtain. Simple roller shutters are perfect for use in rooms with a minimalist design.

Roll window curtains come in block-out or blackout types and dim-out types or which block light but not 100% so the room will still look bright. Block-out roller blinds can prevent 100% of sunlight from entering, making them suitable for those of you who want to sleep longer. Meanwhile, dim-out roller blinds are suitable for use in the living room so that the room still feels fresh even though the window curtains must be closed for privacy.

Roman window curtains

Roman window curtains

Roman window curtains are a type of curtain that has folds and in each fold there is weight such as iron or wood so that it gives a unique look to your room. Roman window curtains are suitable for small or large windows. The simple Roman window curtain design is very suitable when installed in a minimalist or classic concept room. Not only for indoors, Roman window curtains are also available for outdoor areas to keep out the strong wind when you want to relax.
Roman window blinds come in a variety of colors and patterns so you can mix and match them with any room design. Choose Roman curtains with materials that are easy to wash so that the curtains always look new and fresh.

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Function Curtains For Home

Curtains include multifunctional accessories. Not only used on windows, curtains and blinds also have other functions, including:

1. As a cover for your open wardrobe

Apart from closing the window, You can also use curtains or curtains to close open wardrobes. Use long curtains to cover the entire wardrobe. By installing curtains, you can hide the messy contents of your wardrobe so that it doesn’t disturb the view in the bedroom.

So that the appearance of the room remains harmonious, you can choose curtains or blinds that match the room design. For example, if the bedroom has a minimalist design, then you can use plain curtains in soft colors like white, cream or light gray. Using window curtains as a cover for an open wardrobe is also useful for keeping your collection of clothes and accessories free from dust.

2. As a room divider

If you live in a studio type apartment that requires you to use one room for many activities, window curtains can be used as a room divider or an affordable partition. You only need to install the desired curtain rod and curtain. Close the curtains if you want more privacy in the room and open the curtains for a feeling of relief and openness. This room divider curtain idea is also useful when you have to share a room with other people.

No need to make partitions as room dividers, blinds and window curtains are cost-effective and softer room dividers. And when you want a change of atmosphere at home, you can easily change the curtains or blinds and adjust them to the desired nuance.

3. To cover the part that looks messy

Not only covering your open wardrobe, window curtains can also be used as a cover for other areas that look messy, one of which is a bookshelf. By installing curtains, you can make a room tidy again quickly, especially if a guest suddenly comes to your house.

Before installing the curtains, make sure you have measured the height and width of the area to be covered so that you can choose the right curtain size. Not only size, make sure the color and pattern of the curtains used also match the design of your room.

4. As a storage solution

You can create window curtains in many ways, one of which is to make them a storage solution. You only need to cut the bottom of the curtain that is too long and then sew it in the middle of the curtain. This way you not only get curtains to block out the sun but also storage to put your accessories or other necessities.
You can place curtains with this storage in any room. Either in the bedroom or in the living room. Decide how much and how much storage your curtains will create. By making creations like this, of course, your curtains can become more useful. But make sure to use curtains that are thick enough so that the storage is not easily torn.

The large collection of curtains allows you to choose curtains according to the shape of the window and your needs. However, whatever type of window curtain you choose, make sure that the curtain is made of quality material so that it can be used for years.

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