Interior Photography

The picture of a good interior photography is no one in the photo. Art in architecture and interior photography featuring a different impression. interiorphotography.us is a website to publish photos from your interior photography. We are here to provide inspiration and creative ideas in interior design and architecture through your photos. Interiorphotography.us are interior and architectural photography online.

Interior Photography and Architecture usually go together. But the technique and media are very different. The interior spaces are characterized by deep shadows and areas with high light intensity (windows). The spaces are characterized by a high-contrast lighting.

Interior Photography Technique
As discussed in the section on architectural photography, the presence of such a wide range of lighting levels pose serious problems in getting to capture detail in both shadows and lights, because the camera sensors – even the best-they can not cover these values ​​as extreme.

How do you get that look good in the shadows and lights in an indoor photography? Clarifying the gray areas to reduce the gap between them and the lights. Flashes are used for this study, usually bounce off the ceiling, to get diffuse light emitted from complete and clear so that the shadows (which is why we often speak of fill flash).